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Dan Chambers Black and White Headshot

About Me

Coming from a scriptwriting/performing background, I taught myself to animate from scratch, winning a Bafta as director within 4 years of my first studio animation job.

If you've seen children's TV, you've seen my scripts, my animation and heard my voice, probably hundreds of times.

I then added motion design to my skillset - I've found there is a definite crossover of skills involved: crafting clear and absorbing action with an educational remit and often considerable constraints.

Each role I've worked in – whether script, animatic, voiceover, directing, animation, or post – is an exercise in creative problem-solving, and brings insights into timing, structure and design that benefit every other role. I have a unique set of skills and a broad industry overview, as comfortable being a team-player in a studio pipeline as being a one-man band.

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